Tue, 28 March 2017
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Regular readers know that ever since 2009, well before the confidence destroying flash crash of May 2010, Zero Hedge had been advocating that regular retail investors shun the equity market in its entirety as it is anything but “fair and efficient” in which frontrunning for a select few is legal, in which insider trading is permitted for politicians and is masked as &ldq

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In Business
The series of RatingFormula is a concept of the financial analyst George Protonotarios aiming to revolutionize all online ratings. The RatingFormula provides a stable, honest, and objective framework in order to rate any financial firm. As fake news

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In Politics
9 year old Tom Brown has just had his golden locks trimmed for good. Not only has he donated the hair to the Little Princes Trust to help children who need wigs following hair loss, but he's already raised over GBP1,300 for Alzheimer's Society. His

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Innovative Platforms 'Btab' Supporting..

on 27 March 2017 16:12:38
In Business
Btab plans to raise $100 million to empower those its platform aims to support and inspire, as well as having talks with tech giants to create a better business ecosystem. The world of online commerce has exploded in the last decade but it’

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In technology
Many office and home tasks done through a computer are repetitive in nature and can take anywhere from seconds, minutes, hours, even days to run. Basic keystrokes or mouse clicks can become boring and take a person away from doing more critical/u

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Newington Connecticut Affordab..

on 26 March 2017 16:13:14
In Health
The renowned East Cedar Dental has announced an expansion of its highly popular and sought after cosmetic dentistry services, including affordable dentures, implants, crowns and multiple other procedures to provide patients of all ages in Newington,

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Popular Makeup Organizer Sees ..

on 27 March 2017 15:51:42
Due to another increase in material costs, Cosmopolitan Collection announced that the current discount available for their best-selling acrylic makeup organizer will be ending soon. "This has been a very exciting two years for us, since we launched

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'The Come Up' Christian Fest..

on 26 March 2017 16:11:13
LOT L Christian Entertainment, LLC has announced that it will be organizing a Christian Festival called ‘The Come Up’. The festival will have live music, art, food, raffles, cook-offs, children activities and much more for the c

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GPS Watch VS Running APP, Whic..

on 20 March 2017 18:12:14
In Sports
There are different opinions among runners on which one is better between the GPS watch and the running app. Some people suggest the GPS watch is a symbol of the advanced runner, but others hold the view that the running app is the optimal option

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    Innovative Platforms 'Btab' Suppo..
    on 27 March 2017 16:12:38
    A unique service model offering small businesses and the unemployed everything they need to start an..
    Popular Makeup Organizer Sees Anoth..
    on 27 March 2017 15:51:42
    Cosmopolitan Collection issued a statement today that due to anther increase in cost of materials, t..
    Greenview Bible Camp Announces Summ..
    on 27 March 2017 15:48:13
    Open house scheduled for April 8 as registration begins..
    Blake Insurance Group Emerges As On..
    on 26 March 2017 16:16:19
    Blake Insurance Group, an independent insurance agency in Tucson Arizona, has teamed up several top ..
    Newington Connecticut Affordable De..
    on 26 March 2017 16:13:14
    The renowned Newington family & cosmetic dentist, East Cedar Dental, with appointments, announce..

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